Outskirts of Chedder Village

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Outskirts of Chedder Village Empty Outskirts of Chedder Village

Post by Guest on Wed Sep 10, 2008 10:01 pm

Recently Chedder village has had a large infestation of ghouls, to combat this, the Vatican sent their top agent Alexander Anderson into the field, the intention of this whole ordeal was simple, since it was to prove that the Hellsing isn't as effective, the ghouls were doing their average routine of walking around in aimless circles, eating whatever flesh is available, but their routine was interrupted as dozens of bayonets impales several of them, pinning them to trees, rocks, etc.
The source of those bayonets is the Iscariot's most feared paladin, Alexander Anderson, to keep up with the momentum, Alexander sprints up to all of those ghouls, cutting them each with ease since they were all helpless, afterwards, Alexander Anderson turned around to face another wave of ghouls, charging at them, hacking and dismembring each of their limbs in his bloodthirst, eventually emptying the area of ghouls but only for a temporary while since the ghouls always come back, Alexander Anderson left the putrid mess of an area, leaving off 49 dead remains of ghouls from his mass killing, having been satisfied with his kills, being satisfied he hacked those ghouls as they helplessly struggled but to no avail.


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