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Post by Heinkel Wolfe on Mon Sep 22, 2008 7:46 pm

Heinkel paces nervously across her new padded floor. The room isn't all that different from her Iscariot chambers besides the complete lack of crosses and references to God.

She's tired. She knows that she should lay down and get some sleep but she's still worked up about Anderson's betrayal. She can't understand why her mentor attacked her and abandoned her and then he came to ask her to return to Iscariot. He left before he heard her final answer. Perhaps Anderson was still waiting for her to come 'home'.

Heinkel pulls out a miniature bible from one of her many pockets. Anderson had given it to her when she first came to Iscariot. "Nothing soothes a troubled mind like the words of God, child," he had said kindly. Her brain definitely needed soothing now but she wasn't sure that Anderson's bible was the best way to attain some peace of mind. Anderson was a touchy subject at the moment.

Heinkel tenderly opens the bible with slightly quivering fingers. 'Anderson touched this,' she thinks. She's not sure if this is a pleasant or terrifying thought.

Suddenly the silence of the room is stifling. Heinkel begins to read the bible out loud. After a moment she pauses from her reading. "I wonder if I'd be in trouble if someone heard me reading like this. This isn't a Protestant bible," she says to herself. "Well...Hellsing seems pretty tolerating. It should be fine," she assures herself. She continues to read but then pauses again a moment later.

She's really not in the mood for bible reading. What she truly thirsts for is answers. She wants to hear an uninterrupted explanation of why Anderson attacked her and her partner. She wants to be able to carefully listen to every word that Anderson has to say.

"I wonder if Anderson is at the orphanage," she mutters to herself. "Don't think about it. You'd have to be nuts to go back there. Iscariot wants your head on a silver platter. Anderson might not even listen to what you have to say. That place isn't home anymore," she says fiercely.

"Great. And now I'm talking to myself. Just because it's eerily quiet doesn't mean that I should converse with myself. Pace louder or something," she says frustrated, continuing to speak to herself.

"Don't think about it. Going to the orphanage...That would just be trouble! And you don't even know that Anderson's there! And what about Hellsing?! Are you just going to abandon them? It's true that you don't have a mission yet but...Well...It doesn't take that long to go to Rome. This is madness! Don't even...A harmless visit...No he'll hurt you!" Heinkel prattles on, sounding slightly insane.

"So this is what I do in my limited free time?" she notes in a questioning tone, sounding sane or at least relatively sane once more.

She closes her bible. She's made up her mind. She can't possibly get settled into Hellsing until she's resolved her issues with Father Anderson. Therefore...She must head to Rome.

She scrawls a quick letter and leaves it on her bed.

Dear Sir Integra,

I'm sorry for the inconvenience but I'm going to Rome. I'll be back shortly. I just need to take care of a personal matter.

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