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Post by Voileta on Mon Sep 22, 2008 10:37 pm

Voileta slowly, and confidently was walking towards the room in the far end of the rows of rooms. Her heels clicked softly against the floor with each step, her face held a nonchalant, but excited expression since she was new to this area, and she was proud for the fact that she will be battling her kind; the ones who destroyed her loved ones.

The Romanian gun-slinger was rather nervous, for the fact that she was one of the later members of The Hellsing Organization, for the fact that she had to get to know the people around here, and the fact that she was to see the No-Life King; Alucard, or also known as Vlad Draculea Tepes III, the man who had impaled hundreds, of thousands, of millions. The man who had inspired her to become a killer.

She was carrying a rather large box easily, despite the fact that she was rather petite, but still, her vampiric abilities gave her an advantage over heavier things. Once Voileta had reached her room that was already decorated with her own furniture that she had brought with her from her former home. She reached out with one white-gloved hand to the doorknob and twisted it, as a soft 'click!' noise was heard because of the lock that opened, and pushed the door forward before stepping in with the box in her other hand.

Voileta had made her way to the room finally, which was designed in rococo and baroque styled furniture. She placed the box on the edge of the bed and flopped over onto the soft matress where she let out a sigh in contentment, the fact that she had finally reached her destination smoothly. A soft sigh escaped her Apple-red lips where she batted her eyelids shut, taking a few deep breaths to relax for a moment and thought. "Finally . . . "

She sat back up and looked around, placing her gloved hands on her knees and looked around the room before shifting her crimson gaze to the box. The female vampire fixed her blue jean shorts, pulling them down since they were folded up a little from the flopping over on the bed, standing up and ripped open the box easily where her things were.

Voileta picked up her casual clothing and placed them neatly within the closet, hung nicely of course. Then went back to the bed and picked up her personal things such as her perfumes, accessories and such where she organized them within the vanity set she had set on the side of the room. Two or three pairs of shoes were also put into the closet as well. And once Voileta was done organizing her things, she had picked up a picture frame of herself when she was younger, along with her parents and secondary family members.

The young vampire sighed sadly as she remembered a few things about her past, but then snapped quickly before placing the picture frame on the night-stand that was next to the bed.

Hmm . . . . I guess I vill haf'to rest until Sir Integra gives me my new orders.

She thought to herself and flopped over once again on the soft matress, letting out a blissful sigh as her aching body can finally be put to rest. Voileta fluttered her eyes shut and within seconds, her tiresome nature got the better of her and she had conked into a transe state.

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