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Post by Seras Victoria on Sun Sep 28, 2008 1:49 pm

Seras: Uhm... excuse me, Master?`
Alucard: *sighs* What do you want this time..
Seras: W-what are you doing?
Alucard: What does it look like? I`m waiting.. like always.. just right after Abra-
Seras: Oh CHRIST! Don`t start with that old stuff AGAIN!
Alucard: *growls* Watch your mouth.. that old stuff is my past.. your history. Without it, you`d be dead by now.
Seras: Oh, yeah i would! Without you this Priest would never have becomed vampire!
Alucard: .... So, what the heck do you want now.
Seras: Ah, screw it. Sorry for botherin-
Alucard: OH NO you dont! You came here for a reason, and you`re gonna tell me this reason. Right now.
Seras: *sighs* Well.. Master.. have you ever heard of a thing called.. love?
Alucard: *chuckles* Yes.. yes, it maked me loose my castle, my servants, my country and, at last, myself.. indeed i`ve heard of it. What, you want me to tell you.. *changes voice to a sarcastic tone* ..how absolutely wonderful that one thing that humans keep talking about is? *changes back to normal* Or do you want to know how it really is?
Seras: *sighs deeply with a groan* Neither.. just.. nevermind.. *turns to go*
Alucard: No you don`t. Now that you`ve got me interested..

Thats the end already.... *sigh* Never managed to finish this one.
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