Just normal days at Hellsing (GOOGLE TRANSLATION)

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Just normal days at Hellsing (GOOGLE TRANSLATION) Empty Just normal days at Hellsing (GOOGLE TRANSLATION)

Post by Seras Victoria on Sun Sep 28, 2008 1:49 pm

Just normally days RK lightsing

Day NO 1

“Waaaalllllttttteeeerrrrrr!” it rang out from the upper floor, which the old Butler seuftzend the stairs hinaufhechten read.
“I come jaaaa…” he, before he came into the office, murmured only around to see like Integra the entire desk had eliminated.
“Where are my cigars!?!” motzte it it loud neck on, wärend it blindly before rage the entire table tilted and it out-vibrated.
“Where they are always, lady.” the seuftze betagte body-own.
Wärend walter tried to evade to the projectiles, came it an idea.
“Leaving it Alucard to search nevertheless, Mylady.”
Integra read the candle stand sink, and grinste.

At the same time, 20 meters further down

Alucard frightened by the Urschrei up, however its pupil in peace made no institutes to leave.
“Jetz Mach finally!” he grumbled it on.
“I. I kanns simply not…” seuftzte Seras.
“You drink! Either that or I do to you on the place the television diminish!” erwierdte it.
Seras swallowed, and drank up its Blutpäcken within one second.
Back with the Psychoweib

“WHY DOES THE ASSHOLE NOT COME WHEN I CALLS?!!” Integra cried for the third time now.
“Please, calm down Sir…” Walter tried again.
Five minutes later it was in-supplied to the hospital, with a tin-opener in the lung.

“Sir Integra!! We are under bombardment. Argh!” it sounded from the telephone, which did rot on Integras desk, like always.
Integra for herself read yourself however do not take far Barney to look and Milchshakes with shot to drink.
Seras regarded this sceneary and was secretly surprised still no heads were rolling, until she noticed that her period broke out.
“WAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!” she cried loosely, ran through the room and crawled herself at the curtains of the windows firmly, from where out she came everyone the too close like a cat anfauchte.
Some minutes later the curtains tore off, Seras did land on her sexy back and went even more frenzy.
All the mess impressed Integra not even little, and she`d got herself Popkorn as the Sesamestreet began.

Alucard did not leave it wärenddessen itself to take to klauen and empty-drink little milk, and considered not the Integras office straight was devastated…
Seras, which around-pulled long in the blood intoxication, transformed all furniture with exception of the sofa and the television to dust, destroyed the windows to glassy sand, pulverized the curtains and destroyed the documents so violently, that they burned without any help.
When then the Head vampire associated finally with the chaos, he knew immediately which to be done was.
It warmed a Fläschchen up with blood and zimmerte in wind hurry an extra large cradle, into which Seras short hand was, and fed the racing Vampiress.
Already after few seconds cradle a joyful squeal from that with steel strengthens, which sounded itself after infant, rang out.
After Seras had freed herself from the titanium, she snatched herself the bottle and sucked merrily to the rubber Auger, wärend it truthful like a baby with relationship-massively monströsen chests looked.

While Walter was operated in the hospital, and was about to , read out oh the so mad Vampir of its again bound pupil stood still briefly various fairy tales, in order to send these into a harmless sleep.
Integra kriegte stomach complaints of many Popkorn, and the television gave finally from the many child series the spirit up, before it to a scharzen plastic lump zerschmolz.
The remaining Hellsing soldiers killed themselfs, while some of them were already smelly Ghouls.
At the end of this long working day the largest disaster was finally eliminated, as Alucard encouraged simply Seras to do but times which inhuman and stop such a theatre to make.
Walter had been dismissed from clinc, after they had developed and as organ donation had used some of his guts, therefore the Butler of this lunatic asylum finally could wipe dust again, with the help of his Feudel 2001, affectionately called “Wischi”.

To Happy end! (for now)
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