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Post by Seras Victoria on Sun Sep 28, 2008 1:50 pm

(What if the Wild Geese would have been prepared?)

At the top of the Hellsing mansion, the air was thin.
Very thin.
Thin, as only death could be.
It was pure luck the gunwoman on it didn`t need to breath at all.
At her back were two huge ammo containers, each of them capable of carrying 500 shot of the priceless 30mm ammunation.
The left one, Pod A, was for the explosive Anti tank rounds, also called HEAT rounds, while the right, Pod B, was filled with armor piecing rounds.
Additionally, on the top of them was the "VLadimir" system, an pair of highly explosive grenades, five meters long and half an meter wide cylinders.
Not only they were explosive, they were small thermo-nuklear devices, capable of destroying an small town with an single blow.
Walter himself did invent the radiation cloaking device, which let the deadly gamma waves disappear at 0,0034 seconds after the detonation was triggered.

Seras did saw the small, glowy spots on the horizon and took the left barrel from her hip to her hand, useing her third eye to see the plane-like objects.
It were V1 rockets, through they were modifided to have an higher travel ability and an radar target searching device.
However, they were nothing against an single burst out of an modifided Anti aircraft gun, fired from an vampire.
Just after the last explosion, the search lights were lit from the huge Zeppelin.
Seras didn`t even need to blink to see her first target clearly.
She ran to the side with inhuman speed, takeing the right Halconnen and aimed at the main rudder.
A little flame shot out of the back of the airship as the rudder with the swatiska symbol fall down, makeing a loud metal noise at it crashed on the ground.
The other three rudders followed quickly, makeing the airship unable to be steered.
Seras changed position again, shooting each of the 12 Sternmotoren, letting each explode and createing a flame of the flowing gas.
After makeing sure the airship was no longer able to move, Seras took out both barrels and loaded them with Vladimirs, before fireing the right one directly at the bridge.
It exploded, letting out a hail of screams from the insides.
The well racked vampire now aimed for the nose of the airship, letting an armor piecing round fly through it.
Every metal bar loosed its grip as the projectile flew through the main bar, quickly followed by the others, createing an deadly paracute effect of all the bars land on the lower part.
After an few other bullets, the second Vladimir was relased at the hull, destroying it into huge splinters.
The remains of the ship crushed, and started to burn to ashes.
The automatic Metal Storm fire-devices started to shoot automatically, each capable of fireing one millon shots per minute, and the system was terriblely accurate, while the computer did not know any mercy at all.
Soon, the systems were out of ammo, but the fireing was catched on by the Wild Geese mercancaries, who shot directly at the suvivors with thier night vision shades and thier Browning 50 caliber maschineguns, crushing the last bit of hope for the nazis to suvive.
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