LOOK OUT! ITS GODZILLA! (Godzilla x Seras rape fanfic, beware, 21+ and so on)

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LOOK OUT! ITS GODZILLA! (Godzilla x Seras rape fanfic, beware, 21+ and so on) Empty LOOK OUT! ITS GODZILLA! (Godzilla x Seras rape fanfic, beware, 21+ and so on)

Post by Seras Victoria on Sun Sep 28, 2008 2:03 pm

Seras stepped out of the mansion, the blood red clothing covering her body, the dark shadow arm as her alley.
The gigantic green dinosaur was still causeing rampage, as she could see.
Godzilla, she always thought it would be a stupid movie idea until Doc made something similliar out of the lost genes of a T-rex, combined with the ones of a vampire.
A fearsome, uncontrollable creature even with the chips.
She shuddered in fright, raseing her dual MG42 machineguns at the beast.
Godzilla turned, and was caught by tons of lead flying at him.
It riocheted off him like flies.
Seras gasped, but kept fireing, until the huge hand came across and hit her.
Both guns were crushed and she went flying into a nearby building, parts of her clothing ripped and serval bones broken.
Her body regenerated quickly, and she jumped out the ruins, directly at the beast, with a knife in her hands.
That didn`t even penetrate it, instead, it made the beast angry.
She was hit another time, crushing onto the ground.
As she came to again, standing up, the claw ripped across her another time.
Parts of her body were cut up, and the rest of her clothes were ripped apart. After she healed and stood up again, the rags fell off her shoulders, exposeing her flawless body in the nude.
Godzilla stopped for a moment, stareing down at her.
Seras stared back, fearlessly, her fists balled and ready to attack.
But instead, a large, green cock came up from under the belly of the beast. It was at least eighteen feet long, more than an inch wide as well.
She gasped loudly at the immense size of it, and that it was going towards her.
Her fist came up to punch it back, but she missed as Godzilla changed course, pushing it directly into her gasping mouth.
She gagged, feeling the thin, long cock going into her mouth and farther in.
It came out of her ass afterwards, giveing her the wierdest, most painful feeling she ever felt.
His claws held her stunned body in place as he went and fucked her like this, twisting and turning her sometimes like a barbeque grill.
A normal woman would`ve died instantly but Seras felt it all.
Five minutes she had to endure it before he pulled it back out, forceing her to suck on it or else he would tear her apart.
Sucking on the biggest part that fit her mouth, Seras slid up and down his length, rubbing the rest with both her hands. This was such a ridiculous situation.
Sometime after, she felt a stirring in the cock, and a second later, a whole litre of sticky, warm cum was pumped into her mouth, some of it splurting out of it.
She gagged and tried to breath, but instead the monster came and came into her.
Then, the dinosaur pulled out of her, and as Seras regained strength and tried to fight him, he twister her around and lifted her up.
She squealed, but instead, her tight, little, shaved pussy was penetrated by the long and thin cock.
Seras shuddered and turned as three entire inches went into her. Then it started to move, and she screamed out, in both intense pain and pleasure.
Her wetness was mixed with blood, and soon the mixtures were split, only with fighting a domination game between the transperent and the crimson color.
Her clit, her g spot, all of her was teased and fucked upon, and she felt herself near climax and death at once.
She was lieing on the ground while the cock penetrated her, Godzilla didn´t even had to crouch.
Slow, but hard it kept pierceing her through, fucking her insides out almost literally.
She screamed out in a partly painful climax, and Godzilla pulled out after it.
Instead, he turned her around again, and proceeded to fuck her ass violently.
This was slightly less painful, as he had more way to go, but also mixed with a strange sort of pleasure.
Seras`s head was at the ground, her tongue hanging out and she was drooling from the intenseness of the rape.
She had never been taken anally, let alone from a beast. And this was massive.
She came again soon after, screaming out, but he kept going, fucking her nice and slow.
Five climaxes in a row she got as he fucked her this way, then he pulled out again.
Laid onto her back, he crouched a bit, now fucking her entire body over.
Her clit and some of her pussy was grinded on, but mostly her breasts were what got the treat this time.
After Seras`s nippled got hard and she had licked over the tip of the cock a few times, he entered her pussy again, not as deep but fast this time.
She kept screaming in pleasure, feeling about to faint from all that.
Then, he came a second time, inside of her.
The immense amount of cum squeezed its way out of her, and she felt another orgasm on herself.
Seras had started to cry from all the treatment, but it yet wasn`t enough.
Somehow, Godzillas cock had shinked backwards, now being at the size of about three feet, then a second one appeared under it.
Seras knew were this was going, and she turned to crawl away quickly, but that was her worst mistake.
Both of the cocks entered her, fucking the everliveing life out of her.
She moaned and screamed without pause, feeling drained and her neck started to hurt, but he kept fucking both her holes at once.
In and out, again and again he went.
Seras started to feel good at it, the loads of cum makeing the way into her pussy easier.
She grabbed her own ass and pulled her cheeks apart to let him go deeper, screaming her brains out.
All the way in, Godzilla didn`t waste time and went insanely fast, Seras`s breasts were bounceing from all that fucking and she couldn`t even breath anymore, let alone scream.
Then it all set off.
In one deep thrust, the beast stopped, unloading two massive loads into her, and Seras groaned out in an orgasm that made her faint from the unstandable pleasure.
Both her ass and her pussy were dripping with cum as she fell to the ground, her body entirely covered in sweat.
Godzilla withdrew from her, but soon felt a pain in his body, roaring out... then he was set to flames, burning to dust.

Serval kilometers away, the machine known as Major turned the screen off with the push of a button.
„Doc, the show is over, withdraw now. And close your pants.“

Serval hours later, Seras woke up in a cold room.
Her body was still sweaty and her nipples were hard... a threatening atmoshere hung over the room.
Then, she opened her eyes and gasped.
Bloodstains everywhere.. important looking papers hanging all over the walls.. and as for herself, she seemed to be bound on some sort of operation desk.
Her wrists and ankles were held in place by solid metal cuffs, with chains leading underway the table.
She couldn`t free herself from them.
Then, the man entered the room.
“Ah, you`re awake.. good.” he said in a german accented voice, and the lots of lamps shining down on her made reflexions in his glasses.
“..D-doktor..” Seras groaned, stareing at him the best she could in her position.
“Grand Professor for you, Fraulein Victoria. Your failure doesn`t put you in a good position, not even with me.” Doc replied, looking over a noteclam while standing next to her.
Seras fell silent. She felt sick about being completely naked next to this man, but there was nothing she could do.
And obviously, he knew that.
“..what about that Godzilla thing?!” she pressed out, turning her head to him.
“Ah, it was a failure also. It was supposed to destroy you, either way in battle or with his rape, but failed in both. The result, death. A fine piece of science turning into useless junk.. sort of like the soviet mars rockets, isn`t it?” The last part of the sentence was amused, and made Seras even sicker.
Obviously he didn`t care for life one bit.
“Well well well, what shall we do with you? Tempting it is, lieing like you do there, but i`m not sure how Major would react to it if I make myself a personal slave... Besides, thats what I have Schrodinger for. Vatever, it can`t hurt to ask, can it now?”
With these words, he left the room again, leaveing her in this embarressing pose for half an hour.
It seemed like an enternity for her until he came back again, grinning madly like he ususally did.
“Herr Major was pleased by this idea, Fraulein. He says that there`s no better way of awarding my work for him, and leading you deeper into defeat.”
Seras had no words for this. All she could do was stare, breathlessly.
Then Doc pressed a button of his remote, and the lower two cuffs moved apart, spreading her legs.
“What the.. stop that!” Seras screamed, but as it stopped she didn`t feel any happier.
Now the Doc hat a good look upon her pussy, nice and sweet as it was, as well as at her perfectly shaped breasts.
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