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Post by Seras Victoria on Sun Sep 28, 2008 2:04 pm

„Here`s the Captain.Our flight applitude at the moment is 1000 feet over ground level, sinking slowly. Pressure is nominal, and we`re ready for landing. Please buckle your seatbelts everyone.“ It came through the speakers build in over the seats.
Seras stared out the window, seeing the sky slowly going past them. It had been three hours since they left England, and she already missed home. She was allowed to escape the coffin, since they werent over the ocean anymore, but it still felt wierd in a way.
Then, Captain Bernadotte came out of the cockpit. „The automated landing is on, so we can just lie back and relax for a while, guys.“ He called out to the rest of the Wild Geese, who were either chatting or being as bored as Seras.
It wasn´t a big plane, but the one hundred men of his troop easyly fitted into it.
Two small jet engines on each side of the plane propelled them slowly towards the training camp, where they were to practice thier skills for a while.. a useless action in Seras`s ways of thinking, but it was Integras choice and she wanted all of them in top-form.
Pip grinned over to her, and sat down next to her. She scurried away from him a bit, closer to the window.
„So lonely? You could at least talk to the others.“ He flirted, looking at her with his good eye.
She tried to ignore him at first, looking out. „Not in the mood.“
He laughed and shook her a little. „You`re allllways not in the mood, lighten up a little, bee cheerful for once. It`ll help to get you along with thm more.“
She sighed deeply in annoyment. „Captain, just focus on your job, okay? I don´t feel like it.“
Pip rolled his eye and got back up, much to her suprise. „Fine, have it your way, i`ll re-check the cockpit.“
Seras was puzzled, he never actually left her alone. But then she was reminded of that the auto pilot would only go straight forward, and needs to be checked on every once a while.
Then, there was a rumble, and a loud, shreddering noise.
She let out a small scream, while the others only started chattering louder, trying to figure out what was going on.
An bird had hit the left jet engine, letting it malfunction. It was stuttering and didn`t seem to be working correctly anymore, then, black smoke came from its sides.
„Shit..“ she heard from the cockpit, then the breathing masks were released from above.
Another rumble got through the plane as the side of the jet engine caught fire, then blasting apart in a light explosion.. a pierce of it hacked off the backrudder, and steering was near impossible.
„Everyone! Remain calm and get to the back of the plane, quickly! Put on your parachutes, we`re gonna crash!“ Pip yelled through the speakers, and most of the wild geese tried to do that, as Seras stood up from her seat and ran to the cockpit.
„Wha..what are you doing here?! I just ordered you to jump!“ Pip groaned, trying to get control over the machine.
„I`m the one you should care the least about, vampires are tough enough to surive this without a parachute.“ She simply said, sitting down on the copilots seat.
„...you know what you`re doing?!“ Pip asked, paniced.
„No, but i can`t make it worse, can i?“ Seras asked, pressing switches that seemed to help in a case of emergancy.
„Wha.. you just opened the fuel tanks!“
„Yeah, so we get lighter and don`t explode on impact!“
„But that way we cant make it even if we could fly!“
„Who cares?! All we need to do is surviveing!“
Seras was about to punch Pip to get him back into his mind as the ground came significatly closer.
„Oh Shit.“
A long, violent crash followed, and they both passed out.
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