P E D S Information for people who want to join as one of them.

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P E D S Information for people who want to join as one of them.

Post by Seras Victoria on Fri Oct 24, 2008 10:49 pm

Ten rules here.

1: PEDS members must be human. They`re stereotypical so they cant be vampires or werewolves.
2: The PEDS has its only headquarters in the US. Dont make basecamps or headquarters anywhere else.
3: PEDS members have no supernatural abilities. Yes, no superhuman things. Absolutly human down to the core.
4: PEDS uses its own amount of weaponary. Own weapons are allowed but swords are ridiculous for this case. No blades.
5: PEDS weapons are locked by a fingerprint scanner system which allows only PEDS to use them. Other members of them can pick up weapons from dead members, but no one else.
6:PEDS follows strictly its mission objective, nothing else. If it says go there and terminate vampires, then they destory the vampires and leave, no matter if there are hostages or else. Going on trips like these are a reason to be suspended.
7: Being suspended from PEDS is the worst you can do. Everyone will hate you so watch it.
8: The armor they use has a reason. You can decide not to use the armor, but thats suicidal.
9: PEDS doesnt trust Millenium or Iscariot, but is neutral to them. They`re allies of Hellsing.
10: Exept when you fight non player characters such as ghouls, autohitting is forbidden with some exclusions.

Thats all you need to know about the Paranormal Encounter Squad. ^^
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