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Post by Endora V. Yeager on Sat Nov 22, 2008 3:39 am

Name: Endora V. Yeager

Sex: Female

Age: 19

Race: Human

Clothes: Endora has a love of dark-coloured silken dresses and robes. Her most frequently-appearing accessories are the flower in her hair and the intricate black choker on her neck. Although the lady is human, she enjoys dressing as a goddess would, with flowing outfits and fantasy-inspired threads. She always wears heels or well-built platform sandals, as if she avoids trying to touch the ground.

Hairstyle: Long red hair that can easily reach to her lower back. She often braids two sides of her hair and puts the rest into an updo. This is held up by a gray carnation.

Silver revolver,20
Poison Vial,15
Poison Darts,15
Rifle, 20
Zastava M-80, 45
Ticking Time-Bomb, 30

Organization: Neutral

Bio: Endora hailed from a family of theater fanatics, which is where she gets her style of dress from. They groomed her well until the age of 14, when robbers broke into her home and killed her parents. Endora hid in shock, until her impulses led her to find the family gun.She shot both suspects in the head with a previously unheard-of fury. The traumatic memory is buried deep inside her head, and she tries best not to think of it.

Having blood on her hands made Endora incredibly nervous. Fearing the worst, she packed up her clothing (and the revolver), and fled. She only recently found a stabilized home at 18, where she worked hard to fund her indulgent lifestyle.

She turned 19 a month ago, and has since trained to hone her skills. However, she's very unaware of the supernatural.

General Abilites: (Abilites all characters have, distribute 10 points there. Maximum is 5 points per ability. These Abilities can be edited later, you will recieve one point to distribute for each level.)

Firearms 2
Bladed Weapons 2
Close Combat 1
Heavy Weapons 1
Drive Cars 1
Fly Planes 1
Fly Helicopter 1
Tactics 1

Endora V. Yeager
Endora V. Yeager

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Endora V. Yeager Empty Re: Endora V. Yeager

Post by Seras Victoria on Mon Nov 24, 2008 6:16 pm

Okay, approved. A little late, but at least i noticed ^^
Seras Victoria
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