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Post by Noxerro on Mon Jul 27, 2009 10:53 am

I'll probably edit this later, but for now it'll do.


Name: Noxerro Valentine

Sex: Female

Age: 118

Race: Vampire

Clothes: White leather jacket that looks semi-casual and semi-professional. Plaid miniskirt with holsters on the hip sides, and a small "sheath"-type holder for the rapier. White boots, almost cowgirl-like, with clamps on the sides.

Hairstyle: Not too long or short and with a somewhat spiked hairstyle. Dirty blonde hair color.


Dual AMT Automag V (with silver bullets, made from the melted down cross of The Patriarchal Cathedral) - 100 damage total (250 on a vampire), 30 damage single hit (one gun hits) (75 on a vampire)
The AMT Automag V is a large single action semi-automatic pistol made by Arcadia Machine and Tool (AMT). The weapon was created by Harry Sanford, who also invented the original .44 AutoMag pistol. One of the extremely small number of handguns that fire a .50 caliber cartridge, it is also one of the few semi automatic guns that fires the .50 Action Express cartridge, it is said to be "the most ergonomic and lightweight of all of those autoloaders".[2] Its built-in compensator ports in the barrel assist in keeping muzzle rise to tolerable levels. The recoil, however, is still surprisingly brisk even for the most experienced shooter. The Automag V has a 5 shot magazine capacity (5+1 total) and is, like all of the AMT pistols, made primarily of cast stainless steel.

A single Rapier, made from the finest of silver from the cross of The Patriarchal Cathedral - 50 damage on slash (75 on a vampire), 150 damage on stab (225 on a vampire)
A rapier is a relatively slender, sharply pointed sword, used mainly for thrusting attacks, mainly in use in Europe in the 16th and 17th centuries.

Organization: Hellsing

Bio: Noxerro Valentine (Not related to the Valentine Brothers) works on her own at times, to rid the Earth of the pitiful excuses of 'vampires' there are. She has a mysterious past that nobody knows of, but she's fighting other vampires for a reason... For now, though, she works alongside the others in the Hellsing Organization...

General Abilites: (Abilites all characters have, distribute 10 points there. Maximum is 5 points per ability. These Abilities can be edited later, you will recieve one point to distribute for each level.)
Firearms - 5
Bladed Weapons - 3
Close Combat - 0
Heavy Weapons - 0
Drive Cars - 0
Fly Planes - 0
Fly Helicopter - 0
Tactics - 2

Other: (Nothing, at the moment.)

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