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Post by Xavier Storm on Thu Sep 03, 2009 11:25 pm

Name: Xavier Storm


Age: 31

Race: Vampire

Clothes: Storm wears a black cloak and hood that falls to about his heels and covers his entire body, he sports steel-toed boots and wears a black shirt and cargo pants. From the knees down his legs are encased in iron greaves with 3 slots for spikes each.

Hairstyle: Storms hair is straight and falls to about his shoulders, it is silver in color.

Weapons: Storm carries a 7.62 mm minigun complete with a backpack of ammo as well as 6 2.5 inch spikes that can be fited into slots in his greaves for close combat.

Organization: Hellsing

Bio: Storm was a resident of a small village when at merely 19 his village was raided by a vampire and is ghoul minions. As alwase the was almost no resistance from the village due to the fact that the attack was unexpected, Storm only had time to grab his fathers old six-shot revolver and load in a clip when the door of his house was burst down. To his credit Storm managed to empty his clip into the vampires chest but the bullets were not silver and caused the vampire little trouble. Storm was promptly pinned and bitten. that vampires biggest mistake that day was to turn Storm into a vampire and not a ghoul. Its been 12 years since then and Storm has plans to join the Hellsing Organisation as they my know the whereabouts of the vampire who destroyed his village.

General Abilites:
Bladed Weapons:1
Close Combat:3
Heavy Weapons:3
Drive Cars:0
Fly Planes:0
Fly Helicopter:0

Other: Storm kills humans when necessary but other that that he avoids contact with them.

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