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Post by bloodmaiden14 on Sun Oct 18, 2009 4:34 am

Name: Roselina Vanity Ani Maharani

Nick name(s): Lil Rosie, Rose, Nini

Age: 19

Sex: Female

Race: Vampire

Height: Five foot seven and a half

Weight: 127 pounds

Eye color: Left eye is bright blue while the right is a whitish silver

Hair color/style: Down to her thighs and usually a cute messy style, charcoal black with a singlewhite highlight in the front

Body type: Thin and fragile looking almost breakable but very seductive looking, her face innocent yet sharp

Other special looks: Has a small scar going over her left eye, an imprint of her family crest on her chest just under her collar bone

Blood type: O negative

Abilities: Specializes in rifles and hand guns as well as assasination, very fast on her feet and can keep well hidden, her body is un usually flexible, is able to manipulate and create flames of bluish colors, can also transform into some sort of beast when her emotions are peaked.

Backround: She was found by Alucard at the age of Eight, dieing of a head wound after her small town had undergone a large battle with the Undead, he was ordered by the Hellsings to bring her back, being the last of the family while Alucard had watched over her when she was a child. She was then raised by the Hellsings and usually ignored by Alucard unless she was in need but she had feelings for him, not in a daughter like manner either. She was trained to fight for Hellsing and soon after her nineteenth birthday, Alucard had changed her after an accidental run in with a new baby vampire.

Personality: Extremely shy and sensitive, always caring for others and being the fun one, but usually silent and observant, also very strange at times.


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