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Post by Rekina Hellsing on Sat Dec 19, 2009 7:52 am

Name:Rekina Hellsing

Sex: Female


Race: Vampire

Clothes: Black Jacket With a fishnet shirt undeaths,Jeans with a spiked belt

Hairstyle:Long Black hair with red fringes

Weapons:Sycthe-50-60 In vampire mode 70-90 Twin Pistols-60 Per each shot Vampire mode-90-100


Bio: Shes A quiet type,Loves to battle it out,But can be arrogant sometimes

General Abilites:
Firearms 3
Bladed Weapons 5
Close Combat 2
Heavy Weapons 4
Drive Cars 0
Fly Planes 0
Fly Helicopter 0
Tactics 3

Vampire abiltes:
Strength 5
Feeding 3

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