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Rekina's Bedroom Empty Rekina's Bedroom

Post by Rekina Hellsing on Sat Dec 19, 2009 8:29 am

Rekina Seems to lay on her bed,Quite bored she is,She hasnt gotten any orders not once,I Guess Sir Intergra has no wishes for her,She then took out her sycthe and polished it,In a soft Voice She said "Hm,Reminds me of zorin,She had a sycthe like this,Till seras killed her" She chuckles Thinking About it,She Carefully Placed her sycthe Down and sat By Her window Pane,Looking out at the sky,Well she takes a knife and a apple carefully peeling it,in her mind "Hm....Shall i go and meet seras or the others or remain in my room for orders,or maybe scare somebody?".She laughed to the thought and decided to wait For any orders,Besides Doing that Just wastes her time has usual Shes The boring rekina,Doesnt do much,She walks to her bed and rests there till She Is able to do something,Silently Muching on that apple with her sharp fangs Smile
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