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Post by Dkr. Avondale Napyeer on Fri Jan 29, 2010 9:13 pm

Name: Avondale Napyeer, referred to as 'The Doktor,' or simply 'Dok.'

Sex: Male

Age: 95

Race: Although apparently human, he does not seem to age, and has not changed appearances since 1941. He is speculated to be a vampire, or immortal of some other sort.

Clothes: The shirt he wears is the strangest; a zipper-up grey belly-top, attached to his pants with a buttoned strap on either side of his emaciated frame. In comparison, his pants are baggy, army-style slacks, also grey, with zippers around the mid-thigh. He is almost never seen without his labcoat, a long, white trench that extends down to his ankles, perpetually bloodstained. Around the mid-bicep, the sleeves are gartered and replaced by gloves, also stained, which he manages to fit his last two fingers- having six in total - in the pinky. There is an ID clipped off of the shoulder. Instead of a usual swastika on his armband, there is a black cross. He wears large, circular glasses with many other spectacles off of the main glass.

Hairstyle: A blonde bob, very short in the back, but tapering to his shoulder near the front.

Weapons: Being a knowledge source rather than a fighter, Dok has few weapons. Those he does have consist of knives and scalpels, though he does, on occasion, have a Colt .44.

Organization: Millennium

Little is known about the Doktor's life until he joined the Nazi party and became a doctor at Buchenwald concentration camp in January of 1941. Recruited by the Major to join Das Letzes Battalion in May of the same year, and was his personal medic during Operation Barbarossa. After the first Defeat of Millennium and the flee to Brazil, he made the Major's cyborg body, the FREAK chip, Schrödinger, and began working on SHE. His nationality is believed to be half Polish, half German.

General Abilities:
Firearms 1
Bladed Weapons 3
Close Combat 1
Heavy Weapons -
Drive Cars -
Fly Planes -
Fly Helicopter -
Tactics 5
Dkr. Avondale Napyeer
Dkr. Avondale Napyeer

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