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Post by Elektra_Payne on Fri May 14, 2010 1:11 am

Name: Elektra Payne

Sex: Female

Age: 65

Race: Vampire

Clothes: A black uniform that resembles a battered SS uniform.

Hairstyle: Short/spikey.

Weapons: Sword (10 damage points
Socom (5 damage points)

Organization: Neutral

Bio: I am a Dhamphir. For all of you not acquainted with the mythology of the world, thatís half human half vampire. I was however not created by the union of a vampire and a human but through a series of genetic experiments. My mother and my father are or more like where the Third Reich. I was created during the Second World War by the Nazi's I was there pet project after Hitler became fascinated with the acult. So a group of top scientist and solders formed a group to seek out anything that would aid them in the war. They where so happy when they found a subdued group of vampires to play with. With there genetic material and that of a Nazi solder called Grimheld I was created in a tube. I was one of a long line of 'babies' but I was the only one to survive, the other where either genetically weak and destroyed or dyed a few days after birth. I was a very strong warrior and taught how to kill my enemyís with precision and stealth. However the Nazi's lost the war and my creators fled all over the world forgetting and not caring about there creashion. I had to stand on my own two feet and take care of myself. Still only a child I was confused and scared and found myself being outcast from every town I found myself in. Finally I found a group of mercenaries who where not afraid to use my talents. They all aged and died leaving me alone and carrying on my new triad as a mercenary. I fight for money and pleasure.... yet I still hold hatred for my creators.

General Abilites:
Firearms 2
Bladed Weapons 3
Close Combat 3
Heavy Weapons 1
Drive Cars
Fly Planes
Fly Helicopter
Tactics 1

Other: A pleasure to serve.

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