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Post by Gral Ale on Thu Nov 11, 2010 7:39 am

Name: "gral" Alexander

Sex: Male

Age: 36

Race: Human

Clothes: Modified PEDS armour (to make it more comfortable) padded helmet (his pride, he improvised it in battle out of airplane scraps) OPSAT (Operational Satelite uplink) to check on his objectives.

Hairstyle: Light brown, straight and not too long.

.50 Cal Barret sniper rifle (Guessing over 800 damage points... I'm sorry, not sure)

OICW (Objective Individual Combat Weapon) 5.56x45mm bullets for the KE module, and for the GL 25x40mm rounds. I really don't understand the damage system for this one so I'll leave that for suggestions...

Organization PEDS

Bio: Started using weapons at a young age, initially joined the police to pay for his university studies, he excelled with the sniper rifles (Likes the OICW but it's mostly if he MUST engage in close combat) and was eventually transferred to black ops groups, where he also excelled in tactics, given that he was always outside the battle itself and would see the situation from another point of view...

So his employers finally paid for his studies, seeing that he would not desist and would rather leave. He graduated Med school in five years, and specialized in psychiatry, which was helpful in traumatizing missions. Until a small encounter with a vampire while at a mission in eastern Europe, where only he survived made him be transferred to the PEDS. His activities in the black ops groups are classified... He might just talk about them in roleplay though...

General Abilites: (Abilites all characters have, distribute 10 points there. Maximum is 5 points per ability. These Abilities can be edited later, you will recieve one point to distribute for each level.)
Firearms 2
Bladed Weapons
Close Combat
Heavy Weapons 3
Drive Cars 2
Fly Planes
Fly Helicopter
Tactics 3

Other: Apparently none yet...

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"Gral" Alexander Empty Re: "Gral" Alexander

Post by Gral Ale on Thu Nov 11, 2010 7:47 am

Lol didn't realize this was a "dead" forum

I took the OICW because It brings memories from ghost recon... but u should know... it is a discontinued project, it never actually made it to the battlefield

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