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Post by shirra hawkeye on Sat Jul 02, 2011 3:53 pm

name:shirra hawkeye
age: 210
clothes:pitch black sweater, black shorts, fingerless glove on right hand, boots w/ boot knive holsters
hairstyle: its always covered by his hood
wepons:explosive boot knives (damg pts. 43 per hit) and 12 mm round pistol (banshee) (89 dmg pts per hit)
orginization: iscariot
bio: before he was a vampire recrutied by the iscariot, he was a 17 year old teenager who could throw beter than any one in his vilage.then... the... accident hapened... he knew that there were creatures out there that were not human. all the other vilage people called him crazy because he slept with silver knives on his dresser. on the 13 of june, 18XX he awoke to a female with her mouth on his neck and felt some thing pointy in them. he yelled for his parents, but when he came up, they were ghouls. pale he killed the female vampire, but not with out accending(or is it decending?) to vampirisim.
gen. ablilitys:bladed wepons:5 regeneration: 3 fire arms: 2

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