shirra's quarters

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shirra's quarters

Post by shirra hawkeye on Mon Jul 18, 2011 3:00 pm

the night was young..... the moon was full and gleaming like starlight....and he was staring at the burnt up pile of ash that was once his german army uniform for, he was due to join the army, the day after he was turned. "beautiful night.... beautiful fire...." he said to him self. he was remembering all the innocent lives that b*tch took that night.... the women, children,.... boys and men alike, all undead like him. but they were also not like him... they were ghouls, those that could not even move without their master's commands... they all died..." but what for?" he asked himself " why did the all have to be slaughtered like animals and fed on like they were just a midnight snack?" as he asked, father anderson came in with that soothing grin on his face " 'at is trubblin you mah boy?" shirra bowed his head. and silently left to feed on the condemed prisoners.
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