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Abilities and thier Levels Empty Abilities and thier Levels

Post by Seras Victoria on Wed Sep 10, 2008 6:27 pm

Here are the different abilities of the four characters listed up.

Ability level 1 costs 5 AP (Ability points)
Level 2 costs 15 AP.
Level 3 costs 30 AP.
Level 4 costs 60 AP.
Level 5 costs 150 AP.

Werewolf Abilities:

lvl 1: 15m
lvl 2: 40m
lvl 3: 100m
lvl 4: 250m
lvl 5: 1000m, no falling damage

lvl 1: Transform in the moonlight of a full moon
lvl 2: Transform in the moonlight
lvl 3: Transform in the night, control over transformation
lvl 4: Transform in the darkness, control over transformation
lvl 5: Transform in the shadows, control over transformation

Freak Abilites:

Sun resistance/Fire Resistance:
lvl 1: 15%
lvl 2: 30%
lvl 3: 45%
lvl 4: 70%
lvl 5: 100%

Vampire abilites:

lvl 1: Able to change clothes
lvl 2: Able to change appearance
lvl 3: Changeing into Bats
lvl 4: Changeing into Mist
lvl 5: Modifying the surroundings

lvl 1: +50 HP
lvl 2: +100 HP Resists Garlic
lvl 3: +150 HP
lvl 4: +250 HP Resists Crosses
lvl 5: +500 HP Resists Sunlight

Third Eye:
lvl 1: Far Sight
lvl 2: Canalized (guided) bullets
lvl 3: Enhanced senses
lvl 4:Able to see through illusions
lvl 5: Able to "watch the world"

Mind Control:
lvl 1: Telepathy
lvl 2: Able to control emotions
lvl 3: Able to control thoughts
lvl 4: Able to control choices
lvl 5: Able to control bodies, Resists Mind Control from others

lvl 1: Walk through wood (doors)
lvl 2: Walk through stone (walls)
lvl 3: Defy gravity
lvl 4: Walk through water and steel
lvl 5: Phrase through weapons and enemies

lvl 1: +1HP per minute
lvl 2: +5HP per minute
lvl 3: +10HP per minute
lvl 4: +50HP per minute
lvl 5: +100HP per minute

lvl 1: 70 Kph
lvl 2: 150 Kph
lvl 3: 250 Kph
lvl 4: 500 Kph
lvl 5: Infinite Velocity

lvl 1: Bite/Suck blood
lvl 2: Drain/Drink from the ground, spilled blood
lvl 3: Squeeze/Lets you drink blood by letting it fly out of your foes wounds
lvl 4: Absorb/Absorbs bigger amounts of blood with the body
lvl 5: Blood Regeneration/ Regenerates full health by drinking

lvl 1: Able to fly
lvl 2: Able to fly silently
lvl 3: Able to fly over water
lvl 4: Able to fly out of air levels
lvl 5: Able to fly while being invisible

Slave control:
lvl 1: Controls Ghouls
lvl 2: Controls Humans
lvl 3: Controls Shadows
lvl 4: Controls Vampire fleglings
lvl 5: Controls Souls
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