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Post by BloodyKitty230 on Mon Mar 19, 2012 9:07 am

Name: Kelly McDonough

Sex: Female

Age: 16

Race: Vampire

Clothes: She wears the same uniform similar to Seras, but a black collar around her neck, its a darker red pretty much like Sera's one when she drinks from Pipit after hes killed, black stockings, and black boots and gloves.

Hairstyle: Kelly has long brown hair that reaches her shoulders.

Weapons: Most of the time my character carries no weapons and only uses her fists and feet, but when she does she carries a large gun. The hit points are 200.

Organization: Hellsing

Bio: Kelly was born in Cheddar village in 96', she had both a mother and a father. She was often bullied in school and tormented, and she usually got into fights with some of the kids, but not to the point where she was kicked out of school. As she grew she interacted less and less, only having Morgan as a friend. When she was fifteen, that night ghouls invaded her home, killing her parents. Out of rage she grabbed a shotgun off the wall and went to go fight for herself with Morgans help, but horribly she was injured with a large wound through her stomach. Thinking she was dead, Morgan left and eventually joined Millenium. That night Alucard found her, giving the choice to live or die, and she chose to live as a vampire. He made her and brought her to Hellsing to work under Integra and serve Alucard, her new master.

General Abilites:
Firearms: 2
Bladed Weapons: 1
Close Combat: 3
Heavy Weapons: 3
Drive Cars: 0
Fly Planes: 0
Fly Helicopter: 0
Tactics: 4
Strength: 3
Feeding: 1

Other: N/A


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