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Post by BloodyKitty230 on Mon Mar 19, 2012 8:04 pm

Kelly's room is located in the basement of the Hellsing mansion on the same floor Alucard's is as well. Even though its usually a bit dark, only lit by candles most of the time she enjoys it. Around the room there isn't really anything besides a coffin, a table in the center with one chair, a candle on top and a bucket for storing blood bags in which was mostly Walter's job to do so. The walls were stone as well as the floor, which usually made it colder during winter months.

The young female vampire had been asleep in her coffin during the day, a bit tired from going on missions to defeat ghouls and fake vampires who were a disgrace to vampire kind and a threat to humans. Yes she still felt for humans since she once was one of course, but had to take in mind, most were either bad people, and some were slayers. Once darkness set over the mansion, turning it to night she awoke from her coffin after a few minutes and opened the lid. Instead of just wearing her dark red uniform she wore pajamas as well. The pajamas she wore were a long sleeved shirt that was white, but covered in little bats and hearts, and the same with her pants. Kelly thought of the pajamas as cute, and something she'd would also have worn when she was a human girl.


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