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Jake Winston Empty Jake Winston

Post by Rizaldus on Fri Apr 05, 2013 4:44 am

Photo of Jake Winston:
Jake Winston Derrick-Rose

Jake Winston




Black Cap
Hoodie - Jacket
Blue Jeans
Leather Belt
Wedding Ring (Accessory)

Bald headed

A Replica of Alucard's ARM .454 (prototype - undergoing tests) - DMG PTS [86]

Organization: Freelancer (No Organization)

Bio:Jake Winston had unusual parents. Parents he would never thought that would turn out this way. A few years after his graduation he met a fine girl named "Eve". They got together and eventually got married. Few months later. A tragedy has occurred within Jake's house. Jake has just came home from work but as he opened the door he witnessed his wife slaughtered. This has enraged Jake making his "Unknown Abilities" to be unleashed within him. On that night it was the first time he has changed into his wolf form. His eyes were enraged to seek justice for his wife. He has searched for hours until he had found this "Murdered". He realized that it was one of his own kind, a werewolf. He did not hold back his anger and just finished him off.

Years after this tragedy..He had decided to move to London for a much more quiet lifestyle.

General Abilites: (Abilites all characters have, distribute 10 points there. Maximum is 5 points per ability. These Abilities can be edited later, you will recieve one point to distribute for each level.)
  • Firearms [2.5]
    Bladed Weapons [3]
    Close Combat [4]
    Heavy Weapons [2]
    Drive Cars [4]
    Fly Planes [1]
    Fly Helicopter [1]
    Tactics [5]

Other: None


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