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Post by Seras Victoria on Sun Sep 28, 2008 2:04 pm

True Invasion.

„And you know that time, the doctor, when we killed him? You like, stabbed his eye with a candycane and it moved around in it! Remember??! That was totally hilarious!“ Micheal laughed madly, only to be silenced with an glare as cold as ice comeing from his Sister Sommer.
„What?“ was his only reply.
„Cut the racket. We`re on a secret mission. We`ll do it all stealth and quietlike, got that?“ Her ususal cheerful voice had a hard tone in it.. whenever she felt angry.
„Whatever you say, Sis. I`m just here to kick a few bitches´s asses `gain.“
Sommer didn`t reply again. The two high pressure air-crossbows loaded with a pointed candycane were loosely hanging on her belt as she kicked open the main gate.
„Stealth and quietlike, eh? My ass!“ Micheal laughed as he pulled out his dual Supersoaker squirt guns full of chocolate.
„Hellsing, Hecksing, Singin Hell.. I don`t give a shit, as long as they hand over all thier fucking CANDY!“ Micheal crackled out loud as he entered the garden of the Hellsing orginization, followed by a whole army of heavyly armed chocolate bunnies.

Nina just stood around in the front part of the mansion, leaning against the wall with crossed arms as Skittles came across to dust off the old pictures of the Hellsing leaders, humming.
The ancient No-life-kitten raised an eyebrow. Skittles had entered her mental „EMO box“ a long time ago.. thats what made this good mood so suspicious.
„Hey, Angel.Whats with these terreficly awful tunes?“ she muttered, stareing at the back of her head.
Turning around, Skittle`s fakely innocent face smiled at her, her black furry cat ears twiching. „Just being happy, thats all.“
„Thats the point. You werent this happy since we last kicked the empire`s ass in WW XXII. .... its about this guy Seras brought home two days ago, isn`t it?“
The cat butlettes faceial expression went into a grin, makeing the ex-whore look more believeable.
„And what if it is? He didn`t seem to like you much, did he?“
Nina sighed deeply. That was kinda true.. the only time Toby and her met ended in a huge embarressment as he groped her double D breasts in front of everyone.
„Yeah, but thats the other way around, as well. And i don`t like people who get too close to you, too.“
„I can understand the first part, but what about the other?“ Skittle`s expression changed again, now being cludeless.
Nina sighed. „Maybe one day, i`ll tell you what i mean.“

Smileing happyly, Toby walked back into the big training hall after recieveing his new love, the .50 Desert Eagle that loosely hung from his pocket.
Seras`s expression looked somekind normal, through that was a permenant state. He only reconized her as a vampire by her unhealthly teeth when the first met.
“Whats next on our training shedule?” he asked, cheerfully.
By asking that, he got real close to her, making her blush brightly.
“Uhm.... Target practice?” she said, not quite seeing what he was up to.
After Skittles gave him a kiss back in the weapon`s locker, he was a bit overcocky around his friends.. he stared directly back into her eyes, trying to bring up a romantic look.
“.... this isn`t going to work again, is it...” he muttered, stopping this unnatural assault.
“..what is?” Seras asked, still not getting it.
Turning away and drawing the gun, he shook his head. “Whatever. Target practice it is.”
She jumped up, and was about to lead him the way, as a loud noise shook the building.
An explosion.
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