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Post by Kaki Onimucha on Mon Apr 05, 2010 9:09 pm

Name: Kaki Onimucha

Sex: Male

Age: 273

Race: Vampire

Clothes: No shoes, yellow shaded glasses, Blue Denim jeans, black coat and black hat and nothing underneath.

Hairstyle: Long, Spiky Dark Brown Hair

Weapons: A Shape Shifting Weapon That Can morph to: Unholy axe' 600 damage to werewolves and freaks and no damage to humans or vampires', A Scyth' does 150 to all races' And a silver Masamune Sword which does 450 to vampires and were wolves and 100 to humans and freaks.

Organization: Hellsing

Bio: He Keeps His past secret from all around him because it once caused the one closest to him's death.
All he tells people is that he would rather not dwell on it because what he did was almost as hugely horrifying as that of the vampire lord draculas deeds. He joined the Hellsing organization shortly after his soul mate, Balinda passed away. his only words when he arrived were "i just wish to rid the world of evil" and nothing more was said on the matter. some think he controlled integra because she so easily gave in as others think she saw the pain inside his eyes. ...Does not enjoy Drinking blood But realizes he has to to survive

General Abilites:
Firearms 0
Bladed Weapons 3
Close Combat 2
Heavy Weapons 3
Drive Cars 0
Fly Planes 0
Fly Helicopter 0
Tactics 2

Other: Has the special ability to merge into the earth and move through the soil but refrains from doing so because it hurts him and he can only do it for 10 minutes before feeling completely drained

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