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Post by Seras Victoria on Sun Sep 28, 2008 1:48 pm

Chapter 1: Makeing Of

In addition to Gonzos anime series and Genenons OVA, Hirano himself wanted an movie of Hellsing.
That single thought became reality, after weeks and months of work, planing and voice acting, the one and only masterpiece for all of Hellsings fans was complete.
This documentation will give you an exclusive look beyond the scenes, and an very special first look to the movie before it actually begins itself.
Lets ask the actors a bit about thier work.

Seras: Well, as for me, i think the movie is like, an explosion of gore and violence, like all of the series parts. Body parts flying everywhere, blood spraying around, screams comeing from anywhere and the dark atmoshere, which makes you believe you`re actually cursed to die another time. Its a great movie, neverless.

-fade out, fade in to Alucard-

Alucard: Heh, the movie. I`ve guessed all along this would be someday. Hirano was into that idea for months before we actually begun. I`d love to play with the Judas and Master again, through. These guys looked like amatures on the set, but then i saw what they made out of it. I was impressed, really. I think all of you will like it.

-fade out, fade in to Integra-

Integra: I thought it was some kind of prank call as they first asked me to act in the movie. But, as i noticed Mr Hiranos voice, it changed majorly. Within the acting, i noticed that i could actually play my role better than i expected. The whole thing was exciteing, because you never knew how it could be like, before you see it yourself. I was on a meeting as the movie was presented first time, so this is the first time for me i ever see it.

-fade out, fade in to Anderson-

Anderson: I was suprised. I did think Hirano just wanted to let my role die, because it acted evily, and evil guys have to die somehow. But as i was asked to play my role as myself again, i knew the truth. I don`t mind, because its fun somehow to see what you did on the TV or the movie screen in the cinema. But i`m just an little role, and thats what makes me proud. I don`t think i could play a role like Alucard ever.

-fade out, fade in on Pip-

Pip, Yeah, the movie is great. Really great. I loved to act again, after i died in the OVA, and i went as i expected. Its a great additon to the OVA series, because it picks up there, where everyone thought it would end. As we started, i guessed we would just fight a bit and then die again, without any further notice, but it went better and better. Just watch it, you wouldn`t be disappointed.

-fade out, fade in on Walter-

Walter: I was shocked back then as they made my role evil, it was fun, but i couldn`t play it for long because they needed a younger Walter. Therefore, i was even happier to hear i could act as "Evil Walter" again. He`s not a major role really, he fights and fights till he dies, just like before. But he has style. He`s a very good enemy for Alucard.

After this special look beyond the most wanted movie this year, we say goodbye and say hello to the movie we talked about for so long.
Have fun!

Chapter 2

It was enough.
The killings stopped, but still, they were murderers.
And so was she.
Integra took a last look onto the two cropses.
Hauptmann Gümsche, he was impaled by Seras hand which was still stuck in there.
She, however, was shot in the left chest, not killed, but impossible to move on.
Integra fisted her hand hard, and started to go on again.
There was no revenge, fear, or any of these feelings.
All she wanted was the head of him, the Major himself.
And she knew, he would be most pleased about it.
She didn`t care anymore.
It was over, the sun already rised, the night of war was over for hours now.
Still, the fight continued.

As Integra reached the door of the bridge, she wasn`t suprised that it stood wide open.
"Ah... Frau Hellsing... we expected you much earlier." Said the Major in his typical, smooth voice.
"You will pay for this, Bastard! You killed my men!!" Integra screamed, pulling out her saber and pointed it at him.
"Tss... Nein nein nein, Sir Hellsing. Doc, ze remote."
The doctor bowed slightly, and pulled out his remote with his six-fingered hand.
The major spoke again, calmly, like always.
"He has just to push a single button, and all of your men will rise up again, as humans."
He grinned, while Integras eyes wided.
"You`re lying!"
"No. Really, a single push of an button, and all your human troops, includeing the people in this big village, and your female Vampire, stand up again like zey never died."
Integra swallowed hard, and tried to stay calm.
"This doesn`t make any sense. Why would you kill our men and let them rise again?!"
The major grinned still, and looked triumphable onto Integra, through she was almost two times taller then him.
"To be able to taste ze joy of war forever... i already said that. Because... Not ONLY your men rise up again. All of my troops do, also. Everyone who died in zis night will. Doc, the button. Now."
In the blink of an eye, Doc pushed the button, and not even an second later Integras saber sliced trough it.
But it was too late already.
The radio signal was out and away, activateing the deepest machinary inside the doomed aircriuser, which started working with an loud noise.
Just a few seconds later, it happend.
The moon was back up.
The Vampires stood in they`re ranks again.
A certain priest regained his life.
An betraying butler rised.
And an female draculina opened her eyes at the same time as the captain did a few kilometers away.
The night of war begun anew, and Integra could nothing do, exept watching in horror out of the front window of the aircrusier.
The door she came from was locked.
"Now zhat you`re here, Miss Hellsing, why don`t you take a seat and watch..?"
Integra shook a bit, and nodded slowly. There was nothing else she could do at this point, includeing praying hard that it doesn`t happen again that everyone died.
She simply couldn`t kill the men who just revived all of her men.

Meanwhile, a few meters away, Seras slowly got onto her knees, and pulled the hand out of the Hauptmann.
He was still dead, because her hand was still inside his heart while the machine worked.
Seras rubbed her eyes triedly, without even take further notice to her now revived left arm.
Slowly, her mind along with her memories came back.
"Wha.t..? I`m supposed to be.. dead..."
Her sentence was interupted by the screams from outside which alouded again.
The fight was born anew, and everything was clear to her, while still so blurry.
But she knew one thing, the captain had to be alive, and if he would be, she was the one which would have to let him stay alive.
Thats one thing she was still owning him, and she flew away as fast as possible to get to her beloved mercenary.

Alucard for his part wasn`t very suprised.
He readed the minds of thousond soldiers, while leaveing this little information out of his report.
He was pleased however that his most fearsome enemys came to battle again.
But he was bored of killing the low lifes, so he would just sit back and watch them.. again.
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