Seras and the Priest, Part 2 (Aborted) NC18

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Seras and the Priest, Part 2 (Aborted) NC18 Empty Seras and the Priest, Part 2 (Aborted) NC18

Post by Seras Victoria on Sun Sep 28, 2008 1:48 pm

Seras and the Priest, Part 2

Seras still laid on her bed, after the last nightmare she didn`t found any sleep at all.
She didn`t even noticed anymore that she was nude, neither that she wasn`t only psycally wounded.
Crying, she catched the first clear thoughts after the incident.
The first were: That bitch has got to pay, no matter if i die or not.
And the second were: I need to tell someone, i can`t do this alone.
Slowly, Seras used her tiny remaining strength to get up, and got on a nightgown before calling her master mentally.
The captain would probably not understand, she thought.
Just a few seconds after her weak call, the master of the enternal darkness slipped out of the wall, not suprised that she was crying again.
The fact that it was blood on her bed, suprised him much more.
That explained him why she was crying, but he had no idea for what the bounds where on the bed.
"Police girl.. What on earth happend here...?" he asked, trying to stay calm in his voice.
"...the Priest..." she sniffed through never stopping crying.
"Who? Anderson?" Alucard asked with an angry tone.
"N-no... the other one.." she replied, crawling her into her pillow.
"Which? There are a lot of Priests."
"Cheddar... village priest... " she said, whimpering.
"....." Alucard didn`t know an answer.
That would explain the strange situation just too good. But how could he ever be alive after an direct heart shot with the Casull?
Something crossed his mind, an thought that just some crazy bastard looked a bit like him, but he shoved the thought away, and looked into her mind.
That would never lie.

After a few seconds, he pulled back, shocked.
He was alive, and as sick as ever.
No explaination was needed anymore.
Alucard sat down on Seras bed, pating her shoulder, causeing her to look up.
"We`ll find the bastard and kill him. I promise." He said, almost schocked of himself for being so emotional.
Seras nodded slowly, then takeing his arm and crying on his shoulder for a few minutes, before looking up again.
"But where? I don`t even know where he is now..."
"Telepathy and turning to mist to travel only works for a certain distance. He must be somewhere near if he will find out that you`re alone. Also, that guy prefers to be a priest, so it must be a church. There aren`t many empty churches near here.." he explained.
"The old catholic church on the hill of the small village near the woods... thats what i must be.." she said, her voice shakeing from the weakness.
"Yes... I will go and inform Master that we will go out. Stay here and drink some blood to heal your wounds... " Alucard told her, before disappearing back into the walls.

Just a few minutes later, Seras stood in the front yard of the mansion, waiting for her master.
"Its all clear. The show can begin." He said, appearing in front of her.
She nodded, opening her covered neck a bit, and then took the hand of her master to teleport to the church.
"I will hide myself until the fish bites the hook. And remember, you are the hook for him. If anything goes wrong, i`ll be there." Alucard told her before dissapearing again.
Seras was a bit scared and sick to see his face again.
But the thought that it would be the very last time, kept her strong and she openend the doors of the church slowly.
There he stood, Cheddars so called Priest, grinning.
"I came to find you.. you were so good, dear... i want more.." Seras said, disgusted about herself.
Priest grinned even wider, appearing in front of her.
"It`ll be my pleasure to please you..." he said, opening the buttons of her uniform with inhuman speed.
But before the bra falled down, or before it was even in the reach of his hands, something cold, big and metal pressed against the back of his head.
"No life Priest? What a pathatic Name for a pitful creature like you. You are an idiot, doing the mistake you avoided the first time. You are anything but not immortal, punk." Alucard ranted, cocking the hammer of his Jackal.
The Priest shivered, but didn`t moved.
"Kill me and you`ll kill her..." he growled, reacheing out for her bra.
"That, Freak, was an wrong answer." Alucard replied, shooting off both of the Priests legs.
Seras jerked back in suprise, then buttoned her shirt quickly.
" was a trap, was it?" The Priest groaned in argony, laying on the ground.
"See, thats something you know. You may have tricked her, but nobody tricks me. You aren`t immortal." Right after his last sentence, Alucard shot off the Priests Arms, and withdrewing his Jackal.
Instead, he moved down to the face of the Priest, and ripped out his fangs, crushing them under his boots.
"Your turn, Police girl." Alucard said, amused.

And Seras tortured him for hours, crushing every inch, every foot, every tiny cell of the Priests body, exept the Brain and the Heart.
She wanted him to feel until his end.
Slowly, she ripped the shape of an cross into his heart with her fingernails, before pumping quicksilver into the brain of the Priest with her trusty MK23 Pistol.
After it, Seras kicked the dust into different directions, letting the last bit of her anger out.
"You were definately not good." She said, crushing the tiny cross of the Priest in her hand.

Alucard was about to leave when it happened.
Chuches did make him feel strange, and thats how he wanted to leave as soon as possible.
But Seras catched his arm.
"Master... i..i know, its not something to ask you.... and i still feel dirty from the Priest.. but... but.. could you..?"
After the strange question of her, he`d read her mind, finally getting what she wanted.
"It`ll be my pleasure, Seras." He answered, opening his trousers.
She smiled, and put her hand around his member, stokeing it firmly.
After a short time, his erction was no longer hideable, she answered it by licking her lips and takeing his hard penis into her mouth.
Alucard moaned in suprise, and patted the back of her head, pushing her head to his member slightly.
Seras licked in passion and lust, sucking on him while doing so, and stokeing the rest of him to not choke again.
He let out a light gasp at her lust driven performance, pushing himself furthur into her.
She took him out for a second to lick over the back of his member, before takeing it into her wet mouth again.
After a few seconds, she went faster, and after an final moan Alucard let loose inside her mouth, shooting his hot liguids far down her throat.
She swallowed them, then licked over him a few times to clean him up, before takeing him finally out.
"Feel free to touch me, Master..." she wispered, looking almost begging into his eyes.
Alucard grinned.
"Not only touching, dear Police Girl.. " he sayed, before opening her unifrom again, but with his powers instead of his hands.
The bra along with the upper unifrom simply disappeared, as Alucard came closer and squeezed her breasts firmly, before licking over her neck, causeing her to gasp.
He ripped open the skirt to reach her slik panties, tearing them to shreds as he reached them.
Seras gasped at her sudden nudeness, but relaxed again as his tongue contacted with her outer lips.
Moaning, she shifted her hips up to his face while trying to keep standing.
Alucard reacted by licking her clit with a bit of pressure on it, causeing her to scream in pleasure.
"M-master.. please..." Seras gasped, but Alucard only grinned.
"Not yet..." he answered, spreading her entrace with his fingers and let his tongue slip into her hot tunnel.
"Ahh! Master.." Seras moaned loudly, gripping his hair.
He answered her begging by hitting her pulseateing g-spot, letting her climax with force.
"Master... i..." Seras started, but was cut off by him.
"I know what you want to say..." Alucard sayed, before thrusting his hard cock far into her.
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