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Einganam's Character sheet Empty Einganam's Character sheet

Post by Einganam on Fri Apr 22, 2011 11:03 am

Name: Einganam

Sex: Male

Age: 450

Race: Vampire

Clothes: He is typically dressed in an outfit consisting of black trousers, tailcoat, vest, and a tie. He also sports a pocket watch with chain.

Hairstyle: His hair is jet black going down to about his neck.

Weapons: He often carries a saber (type of rapier) on his belt made from a blessed cross, though which one he completely forgot.(deep slice 17/ slice,stab13)

Organization: Hellsing

Bio: Einganam was a vampire who hid in the shadows, trying to influence history however he could. Never really caring if he died in the process or not. Always present at history changing events and watching with sheer delight as history was made before his very eyes. Whether it be bloody or gruesome, or loving and romantic he was there to help it along. Often when a soldier in the battles of old would look away from the gory scene in front of them they would sometimes see him standing on the sidelines, watching with sadistic delight as the two armies slaughtered each other but when they tried to find him later there would be no trace of him whatsoever. Later they say he finally was tired of politics and wars so he went to rest somewhere that’s only hinted at in some legends as the “circle of stones.” History is often clouded when it comes to Einganam as he is never really mentioned anywhere. Although he recently awoke and found that a he missed quiet a bit when he was asleep. Finding his skills were rusty from the long slumber he joined the Hellsing organization and started to work for them to hone his skills once more, so this time he can make his name known.

General Abilities:
Bladed Weapons: 4
Close Combat:2
Heavy Weapons:
Drive Cars:
Fly Planes:
Fly Helicopter:

Other: -

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